Tuesday, May 15, 2007


after so much play, i pause whenever i hear a finger snap- on tv, at a family dinner table, walking in a mall- and it takes a few seconds for my brain to say, "Don't Freeze!"


Anonymous said...

That could be a peoblem. Although it could be an idea for you to use on your next video. Having someone snap a finger and maybe have someone pose you while you are frozen.

Anonymous said...

How long does it take you to recover from those unintentional freezes?

Unknown said...

It is a problem, but one easily cured. This is a case of stimulus generalization-that is, the finger snapping (the conditioned stimulus) activates the freezing (conditioned response), but the other types of snapping fingers (that is, the types other than that of the original controller) are causing the same response. I'm not a psychologist, but you can email me with any questions. Anyway, if she can distinguish the different finger snaps, that should work-this is called stimulus discrimination.
Sounds like gibberish, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Actually it sounds exactly like a presentation I had to do on conditioning last year. So I believe you.

About the downside, I wouldn't worry about it, if you unintentionally freeze, try to un-freeze as soon as possible, and if someone asks about it (assuming you didn't let yourself be posed, whicht could be hard to explain) you can just say you were lost in thought.

Oh, and by the way, this is an awesome page and furthermore it is unique. You don't find as many hypno-fans these days, or more accurately in your case freeze-(hypno-)fans, but those rare cases almost always charge for the material.

Thank you very much for being different, Adia.

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