Sunday, April 15, 2007

Coming Soon

im getting ready to launch our own domain and a nice camera is on its way over!

i've been writing down tons of ideas both submitted and stuff i want to try. like, playing pool and freezing midgame, going to the beach (well, this won't be for a while)and freezing on the blanket while others walk around me, and of course going into malls and walking into the window displays.

i also want to start taking pinup stills, just because i love dressing up and posing. i got a great pinup book recently and i want to recreate my favorites.

i am also trying to respond to all the e-mails in my inbox now that my connection seems good. thanks for all the responses!


Billy said...

Wonderful! I'm sure that your new cam adds more still life to this marvelous blog. I'm your fan!
Hope the new site (am I right guessing that it's gonna be a paysite?) does not mean the end of this blog!


Patrick said...

Did you just get a copy of "The Great American Pinup"? A doll friend just bought me a copy, and it's amazing. A nice hard cover book with some amazing examples! You'd look great in so many of those images.

Anonymous said...

Hi I was just wondering what you would be doing next and if you would be doing any more of your being reposed while froozen. For I think you are great at it I could hardly wait for your next posting.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was wondering if you could do something that included zombie/sleepwalking while wearing knee high socks? BTW I am a big fan of yours, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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