Tuesday, March 20, 2007

kitty bloopers

couldn't fight the giggles, but in between losing it there are some great shots.


Patrick said...

Do you find it easy to hold a pose? You remain extremely still for holding them yourself. I would have sworn it was tight hypnosis.
Thank you again for sharing yourself with us,

adia said...

i usually have no problem holding for a while and have done so for 30 min or so with minimal blinking. it's kind of a form of self hypnosis i guess and im usually counting. it gets me totally relaxed and i move easily when ever he poses me.

and you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

greaat work on your live mannequin performance, Have you ever thought about performing at stores to see what a live reaction might be?

Would love to hear more about your talents

adia said...

one of our plans for a video is to visit an upscale mall here and film. been putting together ideas the last couple of days and getting excited about shooting.

Anonymous said...

Great work! Can't wait to see more!